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Originally Posted by Chuckaluck View Post

Does this bridge still exist?
Originally Posted by Joe Gillis View Post

Judging by the row of skinny buildings to the right of the large soundstages my rough guesstimate would be where the red circle is

Google Maps
Here's the bridge in 1953. At the time it was still the only bridge over Olympic in this area.

Historic Aerials

It looks like the bridge was still there in 1980, but the area to the north had been cleared. Just to the east is the much wider Avenue of the Stars.

Historic Aerials

This 2004 image (converted to grayscale to match the others) is pretty similar to what you'd see today.

Historic Aerials

The tower that now stands at southern end of the old bridge location (the base of which is visible at the top of Joe Gillis's aerial picture) is Fox Plaza, better known to fans of 'Die Hard' as Nakatomi Plaza.

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