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thanks for letting me in! i grew up on maryland drive, which is a short, 4 block street north of sixth street, between fairfax and san vincente. it was a great neighborhood. all of the photos of the Miracle Mile bring back a lot of memories. there's one place i've been looking for pictures of, and not finding any. not sure it would qualify for the "noir" theme of this thread, but if anyone has a link, i'd love to see it. in the mid 1960s,when i was a kid, there was (believe it or not) a little amusement park at the corner of beverly blvd and la cienega. it had a haunted house, bumper cars, carousel. this was on the SW corner, across la cienega from what was then the rexall drug store. even more interesting, directly to the west, the southeast corner of beverly and san vicente, there was a little pony stable with, as i remember, about 10 ponies and oval riding rings. kids would ride the ponies...i did many times. i remember going there on weekend mornings very early to give them apple slices and carrots. then one day, all the ponies were gone...anyway, if anyone has any photos...or links...i'd love to see them....but this thread is awesome. and eerie...i had no idea what bunker hill looked like prior to the construction of the new city hall....i wish the old chinatown was still there. i live near baltimore now...they did a similar thing in the 1980s.
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