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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This illustration is from 1938.
I don't have the information that corresponds to the numbers.

I'd love to know what number 15 is. It definitely looks like a waterfall.
This area appears in all 4 proposals. It could be a remnant of Court Hill.
Do you have an opinion sopas_ej?

usc digital archive

above: Also, this is the first time an auditorium/arena type building appears (center left in the photograph).
I love these renderings. I believe #15 would be Fort Moore Hill, which itself has an interesting history; here's a Wikipedia article about it: Fort Moore Hill. It currently is the site of a new performing arts high school that opened this fall. On the side of the hill (much of which was lost due to the extension of Hill Street the construction of the Hollywood freeway after WWII) is the bas-relief Fort Hill Pioneer Memorial, which I've walked by a number of times; and, it looks like it used to have a working waterfall, which would be cool if they were able to turn it back on.

What I find interesting in these renderings is that it looks like they took great care to retain Olvera Street, the Plaza Church and the old Plaza itself; however everything else around that area looks like they didn't find it worth saving. Also, the 101 freeway today would run through what would be the center of these renderings. What would be cool is if these renderings could somehow be superimposed over what that area looks like today.
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