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OMFG I totally have a raging hardon over these photos, ethereal and BigKid! The shots of old Chinatown are great and the color photos of old LA are too! You rarely get to see color shots of the old semaphore traffic lights, too; I forget that the poles were painted yellow and the signalheads were painted silver. Those old traffic lights are so associated with old LA, too.


I particularly like the above shot because that is the intersection of 2nd St. and Hill, which I always wanted to try to visualize what it looked like decades ago. There is currently a surface parking lot to the right of the tunnel, and the ornate concrete railings don't exist anymore, they never existed since I started driving near this intersection. The pattern of those railings, though I know I'm sure it exists in other cities, I associate that pattern with Los Angeles because many older buildings in LA have that pattern too in their windows or whatever. Great photos!
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