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All the following photographs are from the USC Digital archives.

above: Mercantile Building, 512 South Broadway, Los Angeles
This photograph was taken in 1957

above: Sentous Building at 616 N. Main St. Los Angeles
The arrow points to a woman hanging a black wreath on the doorway in protest of it's destuction.
The photograph was taken in 1957.

above: Paramount Building on Hill Street in 1960.
I'm confused about the now leasing sign (for a 35 story building)

above: The Architect's Building at 816 W. 5th Street.
I believe this beautiful building was torn down around 1958.....but I'm not certain.
Let's hope I'm wrong.

The following are BEFORE and AFTER photographs of the same building.

above: The Connell Building, 746 S. Los Angeles St.

The Connell Building, 746 S. Los Angeles ST. after modernization in 1959.

At least the old building is still underneath.

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