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Originally Posted by ardecila View Post
Ugh, great. Another site with zero transit access. Michael Reese is twice as far from 35th St Green Line as Soldier Field is from Roosevelt. Not sure how they expect people to come and go from there without huge parking facilities.

They should really just work with the state to build a stadium next to Sox Park. Existing Red Line station, existing parking facilities.
I sort of think "the state" has other fish to fry, and in any case why should the state continue to build sports facilities for teams that are owned by an investor? Joe can cough up the money.

Originally Posted by moorhosj View Post
Just add a stop at 26th Street and call it a day. A secondary benefit would be all the undeveloped land right next to the Green Line that could now be TOD. A soccer-only stadium won't hold 65,000 people like Soldier Field or even 40,000 like G Rate, so it has different transit needs.
"Just" add a stop - any clue how many millions of our tax dollars that would cost?
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