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Originally Posted by 1977 View Post
Awesome, gilly!

Thoughts after seeing it in person?
The new arena is AMAZING and VERY high quality. My friend and I got a chance to go through the whole arena except the wooden floor and courtside seats due to time constraints. We did, however, got to check out the new suites and THEATER suites which seriously make you feel like you're in a theater. That area seems to be aimed to the rich people. There's a ton of more room now when you enter and walk around in any level, more bathrooms and a TON of food choices.

Seats are VERY comfy, lots of leg room wherever I went to and the views from every angle are nice.

There's a TON of screens to look around, even underneath the jumbotron.

The food, in my opinion, is mostly fairly priced. It was mostly priced from $10-14 which isn't THAT bad for arena pricing. Also, there's unlimited refills on soda now which is a huge plus.

From what I remember:

French Fries: $5
Chicken Sandwich: $13
Chicken Salad: $12
Shrimp Garlic Noodles: $14
Tacos: ??
Popcorn: ??

Burger Dog: $10
Hot Dog: $8

Wine: $12
Beer: $14
Cocktail: $18

I honestly think the new arena is going to be a hit, even for concerts. It's still not finished as some areas are closed off, but this is a HUGE improvement from Oracle due to the amount of room in the concourse. The only thing I don't like it how they downgraded the capacity from 19.5k to 18k.

I'm making a video vlog of the whole experience and I'll try to release it later today.
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