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Another supertall for New York Wooow!!!

Revealed: 1 Park Lane, at 36 Central Park South, 1,210-Foot Tall Condo Tower Replacing the Helmsley Park Lane

At 1,210 feet, 1 Park Lane will rank as the fourth tallest residential tower in New York City, and the ninth tallest overall building. It will also help bridge the gap in the skyline between the larger towers of 57th Street, and buildings like 53 West 53rd Street, One57, and 220 Central Park South, which will all stand within 50 feet of the 1,000-foot mark.
Windows will measure 10×14 feet, while ceilings on every floor will stand 15’5″ tall. It appears the developers will maximize views by gutting the vast majority of the existing Helmsley Building and turning it into an enormous foyer, which will allow them to stack the extra floorspace up top.

Per the documents, upon “completion in 2020, the condominium will be the finest, most elegant and luxurious condominium apartment building in both New York City and the world. It will be the most desired address for the world’s rich and powerful.”

Amenities will span 40,000 square feet, including a library, playroom, 100-foot swimming pool, a branded spa, and a private restaurant. The tower will also have a private port-cochere (hence the address 1 Park Lane, as the assemblage spans through the block from 58th to 59th Streets). Every residence will also have an outdoor terrace.

The tower is 1,210' with 15'5'' ceilings, so my guess is around 80 real floors. Btw I sooo wanted a 1,200 footer here ... adding some variety in height @57th St corridor.

Perfect addition!!
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