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Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
Just curious, someone in the 2WTC thread mentioned that there are other supertalls planned for downtown besides the 2 other WTC towers? Off the top of my head I can think of three but none are very definite.

125 Greenwich (likely only 900')
80 South Street (rumors were of a 1400+ building but not many facts to back it up)

There was also another ~1000' proposal south of the WTC I believe but I forget the name.

Am I missing any? These don't seem like very concrete projects but if they are built downtown will look just insane.

I also believe 99 Hudson street is supposed to start construction in Jersey city this summer (recently read that on SSC).
Supertalls in the works in Lower Manhattan:

- 3WTC, 1,155ft (352m) U/C --> construction is well under way.
- 2WTC, 1,349ft (411m) ON HOLD --> should be U/C by next year. Possible Redesign.
- 125 Greenwich Street, 1,356ft (413m) PREP --> should be U/C soon, height may change.
- 42 Trinity Place, 1,015ft (309m) PRO --> not much is known, but chances are good this will go forward.
- 80 South Street, 1,018ft (310m) PRO --> will be built, may get a height boost.
- 45 Broad Street --> could yield a supertall, see here. Depends on the developer and the assemblage.
- 55 Broad Street --> could be combined with 45 Broad Street and hence yield a megatower.
- 5WTC --> will most likely be hotel / residential and maybe a supertall.

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