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A bit of scholastica.

USC, 1940. Trousdale Parkway. This is back when USC wasn't an enclosed campus, but had actual streets with through traffic running through it.

USC Archive

Wow! I don't recognize any of those buildings (and I am very familiar w/ USC, having graduated from there in 1981 and worked there until 1998). Guess that is looking north toward Jefferson/Hoover?

USC, circa 1946. The Bovard Auditorium, on the corner of Trousdale Parkway and Childs Way.

USC Archive
Now this I recognize. On the left is the old Student Union, my very first job ever was in the bookstore, which was in that building (it has had it's own building further down Childs Way since 1989)

When I started at USC in the fall of 1976, they pretty much had the same sidewalks and street set up as in the above pictures, although by then, Trousdale Parkway had been sealed off from the outside, and access was pretty much limited to official University vehicles who used a key card to pass a gate set up at (I think) W. 34th St. Sometime later, they redid the streets and got rid of the sidewalks so that it was a continuous mall type deal (though vehicles could still drive on the street). I forget when it was done, but I know it was before the 1984 Summer Olympics. You can get an idea of what it looked like after that (and today) on Tommy Cam
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