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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

A mysterious rppc.

"Los Angeles, California, RPPC, Lo Mauro Pirate Restaurant, Artist Painting."...Undevided Back Pre-1909.


Whoever heard of a 'Pirate Show-Boat'? ......Who is Lo Mauro?.....215 S. Spring St. L.A C.........Is L.A.C. the Los Angeles Athletic Club?....

Was 215 S. Spring St. the address of the L.A.C. before it moved to 431 W. Seventh St. in 1912?
Originally Posted by BillinGlendaleCA View Post

215 S. Spring doesn't have a label in the Baists map, but it's in between the Hollenbeck Hotel on the corner and the Brode Building at 217.
Here's 215 S Spring Street in the center of this detail, with the corner of the Hollenbeck Hotel at the right (the Hollenbeck is the subject of the full image - link below). The sign is for the Hoffman Cafe, which was run by Meyer L Polaski from the late-1890s to the early-1900s. The address was also home to a saloon, a billiard hall and a ticket broker around this time.

Exterior view of the Hollenbeck Hotel at the intersection of Second Street and Spring Street, Los Angeles, ca.1905

USC Digital Library
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