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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
Yeah but not the real UES, just the part east of Lex that's full of glorified college dorms for 20-somethings. The UWS doesn't really have an equivalent of that, because Riverside Park is actually nice, so it'll never match the height.
The portions east of Lex are actually full of affluent families, and have few 20-somethings these days. Almost all the newer buildings are condos with huge, expensive, family-sized units. I know someone who bought in a new building on East End Avenue, and the smallest units in his building start around $7 million.

Back in the 1970's and 80's, yeah, those blocks were the epicenter of the Manhattan post-college crowd, but no longer. Families were drawn to the area because west of Lex is almost all older coops, with tons of restrictions, plus almost all the best private schools are east of Lex these days. There are actually more $10 million+ sales east of Lex than west of Lex these days (though mostly because there's more product, not because it's more desirable).

Riverside Park area doesn't have the equivalent because the adjacent blocks are landmarked, and most of the UWS has height restrictions. It isn't considered more expensive or desirable, just different.
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