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Originally Posted by so-cal-bear View Post
So that's how that building looks like now! When I used to go to John Adams Jr. High I used to see that building every day as I walked from the bus at Adams and Broadway daily. The tower part was brownish granite and the sides were tan. I never did like the extreme aluminum window coverings. They have survived! The edifice looks terrible now due to the gaudy green color! Back in 85' the sign on top said Tropic┬ĚCal (raised period like the one shown)

Off topic, but I was walking to school one morning and the October 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake hit. I swear, I saw some old wooden buildings sway 1 foot off at the roof line. It scared the crap out of me so what did I do? As a dummy I ran to the middle of the street and nearly getting hit by a car.

And holy moly! I always thought that the building was built in the mid 1950's I still did until today. I consulted (the city's department of Engineering database) and this building was built in 1945! After the war, my guess. Thanks captain obvious! But, yes. NavigateLA rocks, I use it all the time. I just thought to share this resource.
Thank you for sharing that resource so-cal-bear! A quick look has shown me what will probably become a new obsession!

I enjoyed your story about almost getting hit by a car while escaping swaying buildings, so something I would have done. I am never the one to follow during an emergency situation

Have to admit though that my favorite part of the Adams and Broadway bulding is the extreme aluminum window coverings and I am absolutely jonesing to know what happened to the matching entrance doors!!! Its my passion for midcentury ornamentation speaking.

~Jon Paul
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