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Isn't this actually Margaret Elliot under an assumed name? Where's her Oscar last seen perched on the dashboard of her Mercury?
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Ruby, Ruby, Ruby....tsk tsk

Sobriety test, woman driver in traffic death of pedestrian, 29 February 1952. Ruby M. Reed -- 39 years (of 951 Upland Street, San Pedro, taking sobriety test by desk Sergeant at Long Beach Police Station after her car assertedly struck and killed woman pedestrian at Junipero Avenue and East Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach. She failed test and was booked on felony drunk driving and manslaughter)

USC Digital Archives

Exactly how old is Jack Nicholson (man down in front)?
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but not as creepy as the guy with the hatchet face and hitler moustache....eek

(I know its not LA, but it is noirish....aaaand creepy)

University of Colorado Archives

I love how her high-powered lawyer (Jerry Giesler?) transformed her from tramp to Spring Byington for court.
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Spreckels Sugar heiress Mary Lavinia Spreckels arrested for drunk driving August 1952

Two months later, she goes to court

Look how innocent and wholesome she is

USC Digital Archives

I've been away--trying to catch up--amazing new posts guys.
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