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Originally Posted by Barbarossa View Post
How on earth can they find a billion dollars for this thing but not for NJ Transit?
Chris Christie, the worst, least popular governor in America.

He rejected $6 billion in federal funding for a new Hudson rail tunnel (because he was running for President and wanted to show his conservative, anti-rail 'credentials" to middle America) and put billions into subsidizing casinos (who subsidizes casinos?!), including one that was only open for six months and now sits abandoned.

Christie is basically Trump, but a Governor. A loud-mouthed, incompetent liar who makes incredibly horrible, uninformed policy decisions. His rejection of the Hudson rail tunnel basically set back NJ 20 years, and cost the state massive wealth.

I mean, when your state sits directly across the river from the largest, highest paying central business district on the planet, ya think it's a good idea to ensure residents can actually access these jobs? One would think...
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