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Originally Posted by Barbarossa View Post
How on earth can they find a billion dollars for this thing but not for NJ Transit?
Christie aka fat POS has really limited our transit expansion. The sooner he goes away, the better.

Cuomo is at least a tad bit better, though somewhat part of the problem. A lot of transit issues stem from political or bureaucratic bs. Both on the NJ and NY side. But Christie is the worse. I wish nothing but bad luck for him. He is what is wrong with politicians. A fraud, and a traitor to NJ. HE HAD a chance when elected to get things right, but went the route of a typical GOP politician. Hence my dislike of him.

NJ is in the class of superior and elite states, and thus, it requires superior politicians who care about the state to run it. The idea that our transit is lacking because of bureaucratic nonsense should not be the case.
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