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A little off topic, but the World Trade Center Transit Hub Mall seemed like they were really targeting the wrong market. This article today is timely. IF built, I think American Dream will do a much better job than the WTC mall since they are not ignorant of their market, but I still think it's a tough environment for retail in general. The entertainment options may be the only saving grace, IF built.

any storefronts are covered over with wrappers directing shoppers out of the underground portion of the mall and up to the Eataly market on the third floor of Silverstein Properties’ 4 World Trade Center. And as Westfield works alongside Silverstein on the second, 75,000-square-foot Phase 2 in the base of 3 World Trade Center – expected to be completed in 2018 or 2019 – the Australian-based mall REIT is rushing to get delayed stores open and is trying to correct the perception of the project as a transit hub and a retail afterthought.
Ugh! That's because it IS a transit hub.
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