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GW: Another comment about the first of those great shots of the Russell Waters/"Julia Farren" house in Wm. Castle's "13 Ghosts" that you shared: Interesting how it appears that a photograph of the house and trees has been superimposed against some kind of rear projection of a gloomy grey sky to give the house a more isolated, ominous look. Studio magic.
Thanks again EW for those wonderful photos of classic Rossmore Ave, apt. buildings.
A rarely seen (and I believe unavailable on DVD) film noir is the 1946 "Brasher Doubloon" (a Phillip Marlowe movie with George Montgomery) which begins with a wonderful scene of what is supposed to be a great mansion in Pasadena at dusk, with massive palms blowing in a Santa Ana wind. The house is one of those "gothic chateau" style places with the pointy "witch hat" towers that probably dates from around 1890, I should think. I later saw a picture of the Hershey mansion on Bunker Hill (the lady who built the Hollywood Hotel), and it looked very similar. (There was also a vast towered mansion/chateau of similar style in Pasadena (I forgot the name) which was demolished pretty early on, but it's possible it is the house in the film).The film also features a rambling Crafstsman-style house in the Hollywood Hills, also on a very windy day with lots of shadows against the house of thrashing Sycamore trees. None of the other Phillip Marlowe films of the 40's have as much realistic location photography.
Google hershey apts. bunker hill to see a photo of Miss Hershey's house, moved from its original location and remodeled into the "Hershey Apts.," the photo probably dated about 1935.
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