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Finally Official!

Finally got my membership accepted (It takes days!...What's with that?)

Anyhow - thanks to Ethereral and all the rest. I stumbled on your site a week or so ago and have spent HOURS on here!

I'll write more later, and contribute what I can, but one thought: While many of us are saddened that the old Bunker Hill is no more, I'm reminded of something I read several years ago, which basically made this point - while the old hill was scraped clean (and then some) it did in an indirect way save much of what is left on Broadway, Main, Spring, etc. Post-1960 development was entirely directed to the new hill, and older (1900-1930) downtown was forgotten about, left to just sit there. As a result, old Downtown has the has one the the densest, uninterrupted concentrations of pre-War architecture anywhere. The silver lining in a dark cloud I suppose.

Gotta go. Write to me - I'm staying at the Elmar. Me and my Old Grand-Dad. =)

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