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Travel Suggestions

I'll be in LA for business 9/27-10/1 and want to go somewhere 10/1-10/5, preferably international, and preferably on Continental. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards Quebec City...explore the town and see the foliage in the countryside.

I will probably be in Orlando for a few days in mid-October 10/10-10/15 and may jump across to Ireland 10/15-10/19, so that's not an option. Neither is London (did that in April), Paris, or Amsterdam (I can fly nonstop from Houston to CDG and AMS). Basically instead of flying home Wed. I'm using it as a day to get to someplace not served non-stop from Houston.

While all y'all where sweltering last week I was in Iceland with themps in the 50's!

I'm trying to fill up my passport by Dec. 31, 2011. and I think I need to hit 16 countries (32 stamps) between now and then, assuming stamps both entering and exiting. I think I can "cheat" my way a little by revisiting New Zealand via Australia coming and going (6 stamps), and going to Europe via Iceland, from a Canadian destination (10 stamps?).
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