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Originally Posted by msmariner View Post
That’s not what I’m talking about. The 4 interchanges from Douglas glen to McKenzie we’re all traffic lights at one time. As development grew in they were turned into a proper freeway. Including the work at 212 and the extension to Macleod trail near Okotoks. I was talking about the real Deerfoot from Anderson in the south to Beddington in the North. This section of Deerfoot is the busiest highway in Alberta and probably one of the busiest in country. This section has been completely neglected. The only projects I can remember the province completing in this time are few and far between. Some of them are;
1. Putting asphalt over the concrete from 17ave to the bow river (road is as bad as it was when the concrete was exposed)
2. Road expansion north and southbound between Beddington and 64th
3. Some ramp work Glenmore/Deerfoot
4. The little overpass built to fix the weave at SB Southland exit (it probably was the best fix to date on Deerfoot ). I kinda think the developer of the mall paid for a good chunk of that
5. Fixing the flyover ramp from Pegan to SB
Might have missed some other small fixes since the province took over. That sure isn’t a big investment to fixing or keeping up with population growth of Calgary in the past 20 years.
I was unaware that there's a "real" Deerfoot. Anyway, what the province built in the south was badly needed and part of that area is the most congested according to the current study. Also, that stretch used to have no traffic lights at all until the city caved into developers and allowed them to develop one huge community after another without putting in interchanges.

Most people would agree with you that not much has been done on the stretch going from about Anderson north to Airport Trail. It would be great if they did the entire upgrade as a P3 to get the whole thing done in one shot.
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