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Originally Posted by People_talking View Post
I will always stand by my belief that we have the worst city planners. A majority of the upgrades can be drastically improved in functionality and traffic flow IMO. The weave zone at Deerfoot and Glenmore is a very poor design and IMO it would be way better if they had replicated the Stoney and 16th interchange on the east side of the ring road. Aside from that the 16th and Deerfoot interchange seems like a temporary fix to something that I feel like should be a free flowing interchange. I truly hope they adhere to advice given and improve on some of these issues. Im sure it will be years until this even breaks ground so they have plenty of time thankfully.
I’m kinda confused with your dumping Deerfoot on the City. It’s been a provincial highway for over 20 years. True it wasn’t well designed 35+ years ago when it was built, but that were the times back in the early 80’s. The province has put virtually zero dollars into it since they took it over.
I’m guessing the city is showing interest into it because they are going to be forced to take it back after the Ring Road is complete
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