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Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post


Decades before it was a bakery it was...
... a flower shop owned by Judy Garland!


A source says:
"In the late 30s/early 40s, Judy Garland opened a flower shop at 5421 Wilshire Blvd. This was around the time she was filming “The Wizard of Oz” and her mother thought it might be a good idea to invest her money in something more sensible and practical and non-show-biz related. There are photos of Judy “working” in the store but with her super-busy MGM schedule, it’s likely that these were nothing more than photo opportunities."
Interesting. Thank you for the information.

"from The Seattle Sunday Times Rotogravure, January 22, 1939"
"LATEST AND YOUNGEST of Hollywood screen stars to go into business as a sideline is 15-year-old Judy Garland, who is seen (right) in the sales room of the smart flower shop she has opened on a Los Angeles boulevard under the firm name "Judy Garland Flowers, Inc." Profits, if any, from the venture will go into a special trust fund for Judy that she cannot touch until she is of age."

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