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Originally Posted by Boris2k7 View Post
My biggest bit of grief with city is the lack of good, cheap Mexican. To the point that I just don't bother anymore. Better to just save it for trips to the U.S. South.
I wouldn't call it cheap, but Juan's (which hides under an office building on Stephen Ave) is fantastic Mexican. Complete with bullfighting music and servers who hardly speak English.

EDIT: On the topic of street vendors... man, I saw so many of those while on Vacation, but never had the guts to buy something from them (maybe I'm just too timid... or maybe it's because I rarely carry cash on me). There were a whole bunch on Chester Street in Ottawa and in front of Toronto City Hall.
The complete lack of street vendors is one of my only complaints about Calgary. I don't know why, but there are hardly any here at all. It's not a climate thing, either - Winnipeg has seemingly hundreds in the downtown core during the summer. I wish Calgarians would get into this method of eating; with our "nice" outdoor weather lasting often from March through October, there's no excuse not to sit outside and enjoy some interesting food. The other great thing is the sheer variety you get - and every year it changes up, so it's not the same old "yeah, here's the dozen places within walking distance" year after year.

And now that my beloved Japanese Village has moved really far away, there just isn't anywhere good enough that I want to go over and over again. Except GoI, of course.

Food-related, but offtopic: that mall in Chinatown where Regency Palace (I think?) is - wow! I didn't even realize this place existed. Many neat little import shops. I bet Boris buys much Anime-related items there.
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