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Originally Posted by jeffwhit View Post
The lunch buffet at Royal India must be tried by all. More expensive than most ($16) but quite worth it imo. It's on 4th and Centre, in Sun Life.
Seconded. And, as someone else mentioned. they're usually easier to get into during lunch.

Then again, if you really wanna sneak into GoI without a reservation, just go around 11:30. They always manage to have a couple of small tables open.

It's the one part of Calgary life that I still find funny - half the CBD is at work well before 8am, which is ridiculously early compared to many cities - but people STILL take lunch promptly at noon, for the most part. You'd think if the working day is shifted earlier, lunch might come earlier, but not for most people. Those of us that can adjust get to take full advantage and always get into popular eateries.
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