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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Your comparison photos are GREAT jsgansen!

Gaylord Wilshire
Thanks for posting the photo of the Bernard House.
I've been trying to remember what that area of the city was/is like.
In one of the articles it describes the area as one of the oldest and densest in the city ; I was a bit surprised about that.

Also they mention the apartment building was home to many actresses back in the day (1930s).
It seems every aspect of this sad story is intriguing.

Hopefully someday, evidence will be discovered in similar fashion relating to the Black Dahlia.
Ethereal--The area was definitely a "silk-stocking" district when first developed, as you can see by the Bernard house. Many of the the earlier houses were replaced by sizeable apartment buildings in the '20s (such as #842, the scene of this recent grisly discovery) when the population exploded and property owners wanted to capitalize on soaring land values. Generally, despite the arrival of movie people and their disgraceful behavior (including the tawdry murder not far away of William Desmond Taylor, goings-on that would tighten even further the marcels of Friday Morning or Ebell Club matrons), the neighborhood seemed to hold on to at least some of its upper-middle-class respectablilty even into the '50s, judging by such things as Blue Book listings. As for the Dahlia case, let's hope so. I've read all the books--I get the various scenarios and details mixed up now, but I still like the one that has Betty connected to Brenda Allen, and Harry Chandler being involved. It fits in well with the whole noir Chandler/Noah Cross moguls-with-rapacious-appetites thing. (Cue the Chinatown score here.)
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