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great work chinghis! it appears that the photo question that ER posted some time ago is now solved! the photo was probably taken from the roof of the chamber of commerce building which was next door to the south of the examiner building on broadway.

lately, i've been having fun with google street maps, and syncing up photos from the archive with the googlemap images.

here are a few

Broadway between 3rd and 4th looking north 1900 and now

looking west on what was once court street across broadway 1920 and now

looking west on 2nd at broadway 1890 and now

looking nw across grand just south of temple 1928 and now

4th and hill looking west 1939 and now

looking se across grand at 4th street 1890 and now

looking west from hill street just south of 3rd 1895 and now

looking west on 2nd across olive 1960 and now

3rd street tunnel looking east between flower and hope 1903 and now

vine street looking south across selma 1925 and now

rodeo drive looking north across wilshire 1968 and now
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