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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Another 1931 view of downtown Los Angeles.

Can anyone here pinpoint this view? There were no details except for the date.
The odd shaped building in the lower left makes me think there could be a diagonal street just out of the shot.

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OK, way back in March, you asked if anyone can pinpoint this view. Check out the post right before it, #875. That picture, looking north from Broadway, is just to the left of this picture. There are two buildings on the right of 875 that correlate to two on the left in 876: The "W.P. Fuller" building, and the "Rives-Strong Building" (the one with the large sign on top, left center). So, that's Spring Street, I assume. The diagonal street is that weird thing between Broadway, Main, and Olympic.

Sorry if this has already been pointed out, still making my way through the thread. Didn't see anything on this for a few pages after those posts.

OK, even better - I believe those two pictures were taken on the same day. If you put them side by side and nudge them around a bit, you get this:

Same lighting, and the clouds even match up. Must have been, what, mid-summer, a storm brewing over the Antelope Valley?

Oh, what the heck, I did the same thing for the other three pictures on that page from 1931, "in the vicinity of the Herald Examiner building." They match up pretty well.

Sorry they're so small, still figuring out this Flickr thing. I can post a link to the big pics, if anyone's interested.

Edit: OK, one last thing! I didn't realize that in post #895, sopas_ej had posted a picture of the "Western Pacific Building" today; now that I see what it looks like on the right-hand side, you can see that all five of these pictures go together, probably all taken on the same day, as something of a panorama:

I'll probably find out in about 10 pages that someone already put all of this together, right?!

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