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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I recently learned that the Los Angeles Police Department
has 940,000 negatives stored in anonymous warehouses throughout the city.
A HUGE project is under way to digitalize ALL the photographs.
Here a few more photos from the LAPD collection that were published in the book "Scene of the Crime Photographs from the LAPD Archive" All photos are scanned from the book

7th Street Bridge Suicide 1959

Henry Whitfield, an ex-convict telephoned poice from a Glendale Boulevard restaurant and confessed to shooting his now ex hold up partner, Robert Hayes. Upon his arrest Whitfield stated;

"I killed him, and i'm glad". "He was no good, i shoulda killed him a long time ago".

The two quarreled over a woman and division of a sum of money. $2,351.00 was found on the now dead Hayes, Whitfield carried $500.00 at the time of his arrest

On December 9th, 1969, the Los Angeles Police Department's experimental Special Weapons and Tactics, (SWAT), division had it's first live challenge in a four hour siege and shootout at the headquarters of the Black Panthers organization at 41st and Central Avenue, after the Panthers refused to allow officers to search the building for weapons.

Thousands of rounds were fired, three officers and three Panthers were wounded in the confrontation.

The Swat concept originated in response to the Watts riots of 1965. The special force was conceived by former police chief William Parker and then detective inspector Darryl Gates.

Tony Trombino and Tony Brancato were well known to law enforcement agents as "shake-down" artists and mob muscle men.

They were found shot to death in a 1949 Oldsmobile on North Ogden Drive.

The two Tony's had been named as suspects in the attempted hit on Micky Cohen outside Sherry's on the Sunset Strip. Brancato had been arrested as a suspect in the killing of Bugsy Siegel but was released.

The murder of the "Two Tony's" was finally solved in 1978 when Mob hitman, Jimmy the Weasel Fratiano confessed to the killings as part of his testimony before entering the witness protection program.

Police arrived at a Wilshire apartment to find the body of Mary Lindsay who had been stabbed. The home was known to police as a fancy drinking and gambling joint. Later that same day the body of miss Lindsay's live-in companion, Emmett Hicks was found hanging from a crossbar of the high tension electrical power line tower at 99th and Zamora Street. The police report stated;

"a clear case of murder and suicide"

this last photo is a scan from the book "Sins of the City The Real Los Angeles Noir"

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