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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
I was trying to get at the idea that the trend hasn't been for Canada to move inexorably closer and closer to the United States. Structurally I think Canadian cities were closer to American cities in 1900 than they are today in 2019. Partly that's just because bigger and wealthier cities (and countries or cultures) become more differentiated.
Certainly the personal and family ties between Canada and the U.S. were considerably closer in 1900 than they are today. Just thinking of my own 5 great-grandparents who were Canadian born (mainly in the 1850s) or came here before marriage, each of them had at least one sibling who moved to the United States, and all but one had several. I think that was true of almost everyone in Canada back then -- even in French Canada, where most people would have had a sister or an aunt in Woonsocket or Pawtucket or some place like that. Today that is less common other (perhaps) than among upper class people with siblings in the professional classes.
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