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Originally Posted by mdiederi View Post
Beverly Hills Speedway 1920-1924

(Does anyone have a larger version of this photo?)
Found this one, a little bit bigger and different angle.

And another aerial a little closer. Looks like the stands are full of people.

And another one. Must be a couple years later because there are a couple more roads added in the Golden Triangle.

And another one from further away showing a second track. Not sure what the second track is.

The cars were averaging over a hundred miles per hour on this wooden track. I've read some stories about drivers being gored with huge splinters from the wooden tracks used back in those days.

Gaston Chevrolet, race car drive and partner in the Frontenac Motor Corporation, and younger brother of the founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Co., died in this crash at the Beverly Hills Speedway on Thanksgiving Day, 1920.

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