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Debs—de River—Chloe Davis

What a puss for an 11-year-old girl.... It seems that we've never run across Chloe Davis here before:

LAT Apr 4, 1940 x2/Apr

She may have been exonerated, but it seems there was always suspicions about her. The house is gone....

The story is told here in detail in four parts:

Apparently Chloe grew up to have three husbands, marrying the last three months before she died in Indianapolis in 1987.

De River is a piece of work himself. Seems he started out as a plastic surgeon. After the Dahlia event, there is a suggestion that whatever he knew about the story was quashed by a corrupt LAPD...

LATimes May 13, 1924/March 31, 1950

De Rivers's book, so offensive to Debs, is still available at Amazon.
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