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I found another view of the Sunset/Hill intersection, dated July 23, 1961. The source identifies the brick building as the Croyden Apartments @ 620 W. Sunset and the larger building behind
it as the LA School District HQ at 450 N. Grand. The Hill St. tunnel portal was just off the left edge of the photo:

Huntington Digital Library --

The concrete wall at the base of what is now N. Hill Place is the same, as is the railing above it and at least the base of the streetlight (and Sunset is now Cesar Chavez Ave):


The School District HQ has been replaced by the Ramon C. Cortines School for Visual and Performing Arts. The block is bounded by the 101 at top left, Cesar Chavez at bottom right, and
Hill and Grand at lower left and upper right, respectively. Above the lower right corner, N. Hill Place hits Cesar Chavez from the north/right, with the southern end of N. Hill Place coming
down from the other side to meet Cesar Chavez:


Beaudry posted this beauty very early in the thread...

Looking east on Sunset Boulevard at Grand Avenue, 1955

Croydon Apartments on the right at 620 Sunset Boulevard, Chevy panel truck is turning onto Hill Street as it comes down off of Fort Moore Hill.

NLA Beaudry
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