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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
I don't know how the chicken's feet never touch the ground.
Am I just not getting there slogan?
I'm guessing this means that Willard's was taking pride that their chickens were raised in cages and never ran around in dirty pens--funny that nowadays it's the other way around--now of course the boast is "free-range" and all that.

I see that at least one of the pics in your first Willard's post is of the Pico branch. Great pictures, all of them. Now let's see if I can tell you how to post Street View pictures--I sort of stumbled on the process, and it will sound long and complicated here, but it really is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. First, it seems you need Picasa (not sure if some other such program will work, but Picasa is connected to Google somehow). With it, you then find the street view you want; hit "full screen" and wait a moment for the address bar (often not precise) at the upper left to disappear; then click the "FN" and the "PRTSC" ("Print Screen") simultaneously, after which a small box will appear at lower right; clicking on that will bring up the Picasa version of the pic; then you need to click on "upload" under the picture, and "upload" again after that; yet another box will appear with a button to click to see the "online view"--what I do then is right click on the picture you see at this stage and click "Properties" to get the http address to cut and paste onto the forum "insert image" bar. Now after writing that I need to head to Ciro's or the Grove or maybe the Mocambo for a martini. Join me?

PS Just saw your Richfield shots--they are great. When I was a kid in New Orleans, Nesbitt's was a brand of orange soda, with that logo--the sign in the pic is advertising like the Coke sign below it. As for the car wreck-- that guy definitely will have a headache, and his poor late-model Rocket 88 Olds is done for. And the poor woman in the Plymouth wagon does appears to already have been on crutches! And curiously enough, in both your second and fifth shots, apparently taken about 28 blocks apart, note there are ads for Dr. Brinkley and his asthma cure.

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