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ThreeHundred, all the construction pics are great.
Thanks for posting them. They're really interesting.

I had no idea 'Mildred Pierce' was set in Glendale sopas_ej.
Doesn't she open a club along the coast eventually.... in Malibu?
Maybe I have it mixed up with another film noir.

Seeing the Glendale train station is a treat.
Certainly glad it still exists...and in use.

Below, is a cool blog you would appreciate sopas_ej.

And I thought this was especially cool.
I invited him to post the photos on this thread....but I haven't heard from him.

CRIME WAVE 1954......shot in Glendale.

This guy took the time to shoot about 20 before and after photos
comparing Glendale today to Glendale 1954 as seen in the film noir 'Crime Wave'.

Below is just one example.

Above: Looking east on Glendale Blvd. in Atwater Village near the Hyperion Bridge.


Above: The same scene today.

This is just TOO GREAT.

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