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Originally Posted by austin242 View Post
We don't care if it's expensive (or at least most of the forumers from Austin don't) . Austin is mostly on limestone which correct me if i'm wrong, I believe is great for tunneling. It's both soft enough and hard enough to hold it's form. If we get one rail line and a tunnel I'll be happy. I do believe in cap metro to get it done. If we fail now it's just gonna get more expensive in the future. The point is it's needed now. It'll be needed more in the future. There are very few cities in the world the size of Austin without a proper metro. If they can do it we can too. We are the most progressive city in Texas. It's about time our infrastructure starts looking like we are forward thinking. It will only help the Austin economy. If only 100 people ride it a day the city would still be better off.
Denver would certainly benefit from a similar tunnel that runs underneath downtown but there is ZERO political will (or funding) to make it happen. In fact after leading the country in building new light and commuter rail lines Denver has completely regressed and is not planning any future expansions while traffic remains grid-locked in many parts of the city. It's a complete lack of vision and leadership that will affect future growth.
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