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Originally Posted by NewTex View Post
I thought the area between the med center and downtown had already been a hot spot for infill. When I drove through there recently, it was full of new condos, block after block. You can see the new development in the photo that shows the med center and downtown, and the area in between. Maybe we're not talking about the same area.

Anyone know where that last photo shows? I don't recognize that industrial area. Sort of looks like an area just southeast or east of downtown, but I don't recognize the more modern looking buildings in the upper left of the photo.

The Uptown photo is the best I've ever seen of that area from the air.
Im talking about the area in between 45 and highway 59 on Fannin, Main Street, Travis, Milam, and San Jacinto, basically Midtown. Those streets have just tons of vacant lots and run down buildings that could easily be restored. I havent see too much infill, if any in these areas and its pretty terrible looking for the most part if you are a tourist or suburbanite visiting downtown and taking the train.

Basically this whole area, sure theres been some infill but it seems to me that relatively little has gone on aruond this what I would deem highly desirable area.
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