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I started this thread on June 06, 2009.......and over the years everyone has been extremely civil.

malumot, I've really enjoyed your posts and I hope you continue to participate in this thread.
MichaelRyerson: I think your recent involvement has been absolutely wonderful. In fact, I look forward to your posts daily.

(back to) malumot-
The heated rhetoric began when you replied, "Your words, not mine, Buster" to one of MichaelRyerson's posts.
This seems a bit rude and I can certainly see why MR was offended.

This thread has been so great for so many people over the years.
I just want everyone to enjoy themselves and share their knowledge and love for the city of Los Angeles.

If you have a disagreement with someone and you begin to feel angry......
simply step away from the thread for a little while.


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