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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
You should save these two photos for your sister Johnny Socko.
Thanks, Ethereal. I just looked it up on my work PC, and the "Elsie Janis" photo is the same one I have!

One thing I've always wondered is whether the exterior was painted in bright colors in the early days. I think I may have read someplace that it was. For most of my lifetime, it was your basic sandstone color -- like an actual "ruin". But a couple of years ago, the street-level panels were repainted in intricate, Mexican (or Oaxacan) style colors:

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The architects were the incomparable Morgan, Walls & Clements. Julia Morgan is perhaps most notable for being William Randolph Hearst's personal architect, and is responsible for some of L.A.'s most wonderful buildings -- including Hearst's Herald-Examiner building:

[USC Digital Archive]
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