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....last one. I promise

Aerial view of Downtown Los Angeles; view is looking east from over the Harbor Freeway (110). The Statler Hilton Hotel, located between 7th and Wilshire and built by Holabird, Root & Burgee of Chicago, is visible on lower middle. City Hall, built by John Parkinson and Albert C. Martin, Sr., can be seen in the distance on the left, and farther still, the Los Angeles River runs horizontally across the top. Photographed for Union Oil Company on October 25, 1955.


Check out, and the 1972 aerial view of Garland south of 7th. I think we can see this old Garland Apartment pretty clearly. And at the right perspective the apartment bldg. on 7th. The earlier 1952 and 1948 views are really fuzzy, but once you see the ’72 then you know what you are looking at and can pick out the bldg. That wall appears to be the back side of a parking lot that spans between 7th. and 8th. and is clearly visible. By the time the 1980 aerial is taken, both apartments have been wiped clean off the map. I think it may still be there in above view as Garland is clearly visible at the end of the 8th. Street curve, but it’s just too small.

I should point out this is not much, but sometimes a little is better than nothing..right?

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