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Originally Posted by Flyingwedge View Post
Yes, and I am happy to report that the people who own the Sanchez Adobe, now @ 3725 Don Felipe Drive, have begun working with an expert at historic preservation at USC to restore it! The structure was designated Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #487 in 1990. The adobe buildings were added onto and used as a golf course clubhouse in the 1930s, and later by a womens' club and a church.
Originally Posted by JScott View Post
Can you give us a link to where you found this information?
Sorry, I should have explained.

Last month I stopped by to take some photos of the place, and by chance a very nice lady with the group that owns it happened to be there. This lady is the one who told me about the pending restoration, the complex's past history as a womens' club and church, where the golf carts went between the two buildings, and the old tile underneath.

That day she graciously let me into the adobe rooms on the east side to take some pictures and mentioned the next day the group would have its meeting there . . . so I just showed up again, camera in hand. She let me take some pictures of the rooms open that day and mentioned that some USC students were coming to take pictures that afternoon. So . . . being the bad penny that I am, I turned up again and was able to take pictures of inside the actual adobe house (upstairs and downstairs).

I don't want to mention this nice lady's name or the group that owns the building, because I'm not sure they are looking to handle inquiries about the property at this time, her patience and forbearance with me notwithstanding. However, I will be happy to supply you, in a private message, with the name of the restoration dude at USC.

BTW, where was "the scissor" (La Tijera), anyway?

Is it looking north from where the La Brea/Stocker intersection (where light blue and yellow canyons fork at left center of photo) is today? I guess it must have been obvious from the ground, unless the Montgolfier Brothers made a visit to Los Angeles that's been lost to history.

P.S. On second thought, if La Tijera resembled a pair of scissors (Paso de la Tijera/Pass of the Scissor), I guess it must refer to the canyon containing Stocker Street. The resemblance must have been noticeable while down in the canyon.

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