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Joannes Bros/Ben-Hur/Palace Hotel/The American/Al's Bar

As long as we're on coffee buildings in the Arts District, here's 800 Traction Avenue, the Joannes Brothers Company building (John Parkinson, 1916), home of Ben-Hur Coffee and Spices. It's on that out-of-kilter block:

It's been lofted and is beautifully maintained:


The new entrance is on the S Hewitt St side:


In the 30s Coffee Products of America had their HQ there. They processed beans from Hawaii, Mexico, Central America, Columbia, Brazil, Java, Arabia and Africa.
Later the building housed the Angeles Desk Company. Their painted signs are still on two sides of the building:

google maps


Across S Hewitt, at #303, is the former Palace Hotel (now The American) of white-painted brick:

pollyann/kasahara - flickr

It could not be more different than the Joannes Brothers building and is obviously older (1906 or earlier). Never seen heart-shaped retrofitting bolts before:


For decades Al's Bar (305 S Hewitt) in the basement was a famous music venue, latterly for punk rock. Alas, it's gone:


Joel Bloom's at 716 Traction Ave


Thx Flyingwedge. Great post!

Scott had a nice blog post on the Sanchez too:

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