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Originally Posted by ChristinaR View Post
I could be mistaken, but I always thought this was an image of the miniature model of the complex that used to be on display inside the bank where there Garden of Allah once stood. It is definitely the same photo that was used for the cover of Sheilah Graham's book.


Hi guys, it's Martin Turnbull here. I thought I'd weigh in on this. When I first found this photo (on Facebook, I think) I was excited that I'd found a "new" photo of the hotel where I've set my novels. I knew it was the one used on the cover of Sheilah Graham's book but I wasn't sure how the photographer got a shot like that. Then I found that a model existed of the place (have you seen the video of it?) and figured that it must have been the same shot. I tried to track down who took it, and when, but I never got anywhere.
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