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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post

I thought it was interesting to see the boundary placing West Hollywood and the Sunset Strip outside of the city limits.


"As the Strip lies outside of the Los Angeles city limits and was an unincorporated area under the jurisdiction of the County of Los Angeles, the area fell under the less-vigilant jurisdiction of the Sheriff's Department rather than the heavy hand of the LAPD. It was illegal to gamble in the city, but legal in the county. This fostered the building of a rather wilder concentration of nightlife than Los Angeles would tolerate, and in the 1920s a number of nightclubs and casinos moved in along the Strip, which attracted movie people to this less-restricted area."


below: I thought it was rather curious that this oil field was also outside the city limits.


When I first looked through my 1943 Renie Atlas, I was surprised to see that more of those "unincorporated islands" existed back then than now; for example, what is now the Trousdale Estates section of Beverly Hills used to be unincorporated County area, and is labeled in the Atlas as being the Doheny Estate. To the west of there, which is now part of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area containing Franklin Reservoir and part of LA city limits, used to be unincorporated County area as well before it was annexed by LA.

In that last pic above, the oil field immediately north of Hancock Park, in my Renie Atlas, the streets are already denoted for the Park La Brea complex and is part of the City of LA. But north of 3rd and south of Beverly, that oil field, in my Renie Atlas, that area is shown as containing Gilmore Field and the Pan Pacific Auditorium--and it was unincorporated County area; so back then, the Farmers Market and what eventually became CBS Television City, used to be outside of LA City limits.

Of course some unincorporated islands still remain. Universal City is on unincorporated County land, as well as what was once called the National Soldiers Home--now the VA Medical Center, with land that also contains the National Cemetery and Federal Building.

Universal Studios, undated photo


VA Hospital, 1939


VA Hospital, 1930 (?)

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