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Originally Posted by Ch.G, Ch.G View Post
Wow, I don't mean to be a douche but that Austin bridge is awful.
Yeah, it's pretty nondescript I know. It gets the job done though. I like that it's open air and doesn't have a cover over it or a bunch of wires or poles obstructing the view. It sits right beside and south of downtown, and then to the west are the hills. It's pretty low on style, but I do like it for the other reasons I mentioned. The City is actually in the process right now of expanding it across Cesar Chavez Street just to the north of it. In the photo below, the right (west) arm of the bridge will expand over the spiral walkway and over the street connecting it to 2nd Street. That whole area of downtown is being developed with thousands of residential units.

Pfluger pedestrian bridge to be extended

Here's a model showing a nearby residential project. The taller tower is now planned to be office space. The shorter one is already complete and is apartments. You can see the completed bridge expansion crossing Cesar Chavez up to 2nd Street just south of the residential project.

Originally Posted by jtk1519 View Post
Pfluger Bridge in Austin, TX...

This pic looks very "China" to me. And yes, the bridge is a unfortunately a bit grotesque.
It does look very "China". That photo was taken in the morning since the sun is rising. Also the morning fog makes it look like smog. Even the trees look like something you'd see in China. The one on the right is actually a Mesquite tree, which is indigenous to Texas.
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