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I can't imagine anyone on this thread isn't familiar with Mackenzie's The Exiles. The film has comparatively recently become famous as one of the Great Lost Documents about Old LA, specifically highlighting maginalized peoples downtown in the late 50s. Its release on DVD might have passed some folk by, in part because, well, it wasn't cheap. It wasn't cheap I'm guessing because (while it would be worth it at twice the price) it included about 9,000 amazing extras. One of which being Mackenzie's 1956 short he did while at USC called, what else, Bunker Hill 1956.

Point being, I'm going to swipe a bunch of screen captures from that DVD extra and put them up here, in slavish worship to its greatness. Now, if you good folk at Milestone, who own the copyright, take issue, I understand. Please send a note and I will remove this post. On the other hand, what I am telling the untold, unwashed masses reading this: your eyes have been blessed with a tiny smidgen of BH56 which is worth one of your fingers in trade. The rest of you can judge for yourself.

The criminally underphotographed Down Third From the Other Direction --

There's a nice turn of camera across 144 South Grand, as fetishized over here

Here's 510 +1/2 W 3rd

...which again, in the canon on BH, is an underphotographed structure. That was a taste, anyway. Go here for more.

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