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Originally Posted by treras93 View Post
is this supposed to be nazi-ish/Greek architecture because it really looks like it especially with eagles on those domes.

Well, i really like it. That entrance gate looks sweet. cool vid too.
I drew significant inspiration from the old model of proposed Germania, and the Nazi style of larger than life classical/neoclassical architecture, as was proposed for Germany during that era. (As a disclaimer, beyond the architecture, no further political intent should be perceived.)

One of my main goals from the beginning has been to employ a style which implies authority and scope without relying excessively on height to achieve that goal.

As an additional note, the text which appears on various buildings throughout the model is an alternate alphabet which I designed (based loosely on flag semaphore symbols) in an effort to give the project further distinction. Many of the inscriptions allude to the titles of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian deities.
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