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Update 1.66 - The project has grown by 7,000 faces since my last post. The ICC/Tricentennial Tower and central complexes are now primarily complete. There are a number of finishing touches that I am planning for the central campus, but for now Phases I-III are completed enough for me to start active work on the design for phase IV.

Phase Four introduces the State Street Project (High-Density State-Commissioned Residential Housing), which is beginning to take shape in the latest rendered picture:

The State Street Project is the first group of buildings conforming to an urban grid system. The large red letters engraved on the sides of the new buildings spell the word "STATE". They serve as a reminder to visitors and citizens alike of the power of the State. Citizens of the Empire (more especially those in the capitol city) work for the State Corporation, live in State Housing, and everywhere are surrounded by symbols of the Empire's power in (and over) their lives.

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