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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
The PA has already funded the PATH extension to the airport. It cannot happen until the Airtrain is rebuilt, though.

The Newark Airtrain is currently one of those dinky low capacity airport monorail lines, and they're replacing it with a JFK-style system (heavy rail, dual track, theoretically usable by existing rail systems).

All three airports will have heavy rail systems, with the track compatability, once Newark and LGA are completed, so that accounts for the costs. They aren't building standard airport circulators. You could, theoretically, run LIRR to JFK, right now, if they purchased new vehicles (but that won't happen anytime soon, because of capacity and regulatory issues).

the path extension was approved for the pa's latest ten year planning, but it isn't funded. only $15M was set aside in 2018 for the estimated $1.7B two and a half mile extension project. and that was at the time, so likely the costs are a lot higher now and will be even more so as time goes on.
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