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Essex Crossing Developers File Pre-Demolition Documents For Former Fire Station at 185 Broome St.

In a filing recorded on Friday, BFC Partners (one of four Essex Crossing developers), started the process to tear down 185 Broome St., the old fire house on the north end of site #5. The area where the building now sits will become a 15,000 square foot park. In recent years, the structure served as home to Angel Aerial, a movie prop business.

In addition to the park, site #5 will include a mixed-use building consisting of apartments, a dual-generation school run by the Educational Alliance and a still-to-be-named grocery store. A section of the lot is also being set aside for a possible public school.

Two other sites are included in the first phase of construction, scheduled to begin one year from now. Among them, site #2 (on the southeast corner of Essex and Delancey streets), where a new Essex Street Market is going o be built. Presumably, we’ll be seeing pre-demolition documents sometime soon for the old Essex Market structure, which is not currently used by vendors but is sometimes rented out for special events.

Essex Crossing, covering nine sites of the former Seward Park Urban Renewal Area, will include 1000 apartments, commercial spaces and community facilities encompassing nearly 2 million square feet.
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